Saturday, April 23, 2011

Teachers Aren't the Enemy

Pedro Noguera and Michelle Fine recently wrote an article for The Nation entitled "Teachers Aren't the Enemy." It is to appear in the May 9, 2011 edition of the The Nation. The article provides a good summary of the current attacks on teachers and some of the organizations across the country that are rising up to counter this ill-conceived assault on education. Here is a portion of the article:

"Public school teachers and their unions are under a sustained assault that is still unfolding....

A disturbing bipartisan consensus is emerging that favors a market model for public schools that would abandon America’s historic commitment to providing education to all children as a civil right. This model would make opportunities available largely to those motivated and able to leave local schools; treat parents as consumers and children as disposable commodities that can be judged by their test scores; and unravel collective bargaining agreements so that experienced teachers can be replaced with fungible itinerant workers who have little training, less experience and no long-term commitment to the profession. In this atmosphere of hostility to public schools and teachers, it has become nearly impossible to have a rational discussion among educators, parents, advocates, youth and policy-makers about what should be done....

To have the greatest impact, the unions must find a way to mobilize parents, young people and communities. Without their support, teachers will not succeed in countering these assaults."

Read the Full Article:
"Teachers Aren't the Enemy"