Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ohio Auditors Probe a Dayton Charter School's Payments

Here is another incidence of an Ohio charter school being investigated for poor accounting practices and misuse of state funds. According to the Dayton Daily News on March 31, 2011, State of Ohio Auditors have launched an investigation into the finances of another Ohio charter school after discovering $89,067 in misspent funds. Of the misspent money only $2,221 has been repaid.

According to State Auditor, Dave Yost, the schools have a combined deficit of $1.38 million as of 2009. “Community schools must meet the same fiscal standards of integrity as any other entity that receives public funds,” Yost said in a statement. “[T]hey simply have to do better managing their money.”

From the Dayton Daily News article:
"Gov. John Kasich is counting on charter schools to help improve Ohio’s academic performance while saving money. His biennium budget, released March 15, includes double digit cuts to traditional schools while increasing the funding for charter schools and school choice and lifting the cap on the number of charter schools in the state."

Link to the Full Dayton Daily News article:
"Auditors Probe a Dayton Charter School's Payments"

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