Friday, April 1, 2011

Danny Westneat: Bill Gates, have I got a deal for you!

Danny Westneat, of the Seattle Times, has an offer for Bill Gates.

"Bill, here's an experiment. You and I both have an 8-year-old. Let's take your school and double its class sizes, from 16 to 32. We'll use the extra money generated by that — a whopping $400,000 more per year per classroom — to halve the class sizes, from 32 to 16, at my public high school, Garfield.

In 2020, when our kids are graduating, we'll compare what effect it all had. On student achievement. On teaching quality. On morale. Or that best thing of all, the "environment that promotes relationships between teachers and students."

Deal? Probably not. Nobody would take that trade. Which says more than all the studies ever will."

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