Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gov. John Kasich's Budget has Good News for Charter Schools, Voucher Programs

An article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on April 21, 2011 discussed the proposed changes to Ohio's funding for charter schools and vouchers. Here is a portion below:

"Chad Aldis, president of School Choice Ohio, is heartened by "the emphasis Gov. Kasich placed on empowering parents," particularly by making more Educational Choice vouchers available for private-school tuition. 

But he wants to see even broader eligibility than Kasich is proposing, and he'll get it if a bill from Rep. Matt Huffman becomes law.

That bill would award private-school tuition vouchers of up to $4,626 to families based on their household incomes -- with no geographic restriction and no requirement that students come from failing public schools. Within a couple of years, even families that have been using private schools all along could get the vouchers.

To Aldis, that would give "every child access to an education that meets their needs."
But the price tag presents a dilemma for a fiscal conservative like Ryan, from the Fordham Institute, who estimates that 80 percent of Ohio families could qualify for some sort of subsidy under Huffman's bill.

"There may be a day for that kind of middle-class funding program," he said. "But with all the cutting going on across the state, this is not the time to go there."

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