Thursday, April 21, 2011

Economic Impact of Education Cuts in the Kasich Budget Proposal

Policy Matters Ohio recently released an analysis of the economic impact that Kasich's budget cuts for public education will have on the state. Here is a portion below:

"The fiscal year 2012‐13 biennial budget proposed by the Kasich administration cuts funding for primary, secondary and higher education by $2 billion, compared to funding in 2011. In addition to hurting the quality of education, cuts of this magnitude in a labor‐intensive sector will have an economic impact felt in every school district and college town as teachers, professors, cafeteria workers, school bus drivers, janitors, coaches and ground crew workers lose their jobs. To understand the economic impact, Policy Matters Ohio commissioned an input‐output study of the economic impact of the proposed cuts in education. The analysis reveals that these cuts could cause the loss of 47,291 direct, indirect and induced full time equivalent jobs in Ohio."

Read the Full Report: