Friday, April 22, 2011

Kasich Administration Says that they Have No Research to Support New School-Funding Formula

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the Kasich administration is denying public information requests on educational funding and policies in Ohio made by fellow legislators and other organizations in the state.

Here is a quote from the Dispatch on what the administration says that they don't have:

"Among the items Kasich's lawyer said the administration didn't have: research that shows Kasich's new school-funding formula will improve student achievement; a copy of the formula itself; a list of charter schools in academic emergency or watch; and projections of cost-savings from eliminating the "last-in, first-out" rules for educators."

At least they are admitting that they have no research to show that the new school funding formula will improve student achievement. On the other hand, it seems irresponsible and reckless to make such fundamental changes to how we educate children with no research to support it, when ample research exists that seems to show that it will in fact decrease the quality of education that students will receive.

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