Monday, March 28, 2011

Fremont City Council Opposes Ohio Senate Bill 5

"In other news, council passed a resolution that councilman James Melle wrote and presented to council at the March 3 meeting regarding Senate Bill 5 opposition. Councilman Richard Root was the only member to abstain from voting.

Ohio's Senate Bill 5, if passed, would reduce collective bargaining rights for public employees in the state.

However, the resolution council passed, states that in the opinion of council the changes currently in the bill nearly eliminate the legitimate rights of public employees to collectively bargain with their employer and it would prohibit binding arbitration, a process long accepted by both labor and management as a workable procedure for resolving employment issues. The resolution goes on to state that the existing collective bargaining law has worked well in the city. The resolution also states if this bill becomes law, it will lead to lower morale among employees and an unnecessary loss of employee rights."

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Fremont City Council Opposes Ohio Senate Bill 5