Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Plan to End Public Education in America

Recently, Rachel Tabachnick of published an article detailing the motivations behind the recent attacks on public education in America. She explains the funding sources and groups behind this campaign. I don't agree with some of the views of the writers for, but this article does seem to match up other articles and information available on the topic. The goals of these organizations seem to be accurately represented. The only concern that they would seem to have is that they do not want the public to know what their goals are and who they personally for fear of a backlash by the general public. Whether individuals support or oppose their plan, voters should be aware of their plan and the implications of that it would have for our nation. Here is a portion of the article:

"Media materials for Betsy DeVos’ group All Children Matter, formed in 2003, claimed the organization spent $7.6 million in its first year, “impacting state legislative elections in 10 targeted states” and a won/loss record of 121/60.

Dick DeVos also explained to his Heritage Foundation audience that they should no longer use the term public schools, but instead start calling them “government schools.” He noted that the role of wealthy conservatives would have to be obscured. “We need to be cautious about talking too much about these activities,” said DeVos, and pointed to the need to “cut across a lot of historic boundaries, be they partisan, ethnic, or otherwise.”

Like DeVos, several free-market think tanks have also issued warnings that vouchers appear to be an “elitist” plan. There's reason for their concern, given the long and racially charged history of vouchers."

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The Plan to End Public Education in America