Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kasich is Using Public School Money to Pay Casino Consultants

Ohio Governor John Kasich recently announced that he is hiring gaming consultants to advise the state on its deal with casinos. According to Ohio Budget Watch, "the consultant fees — a percentage of the state’s revenues from casinos — of up to $15 million are to come from the Lottery Commission’s budget. The Lottery, whose profits are constitutionally required to be spent on education." Here’s what the Ohio Constitution has to say on how the lottery proceeds are supposed to be used:

(§ 15.06(A):
"The General Assembly may authorize an agency of the state to conduct lotteries, to sell rights to participate therein, and to award prizes by chance to participants, provided that the entire net proceeds of any such lottery are paid into a fund of the state treasury that shall consist solely of such proceeds and shall be used solely for the support of elementary, secondary, vocational, and special education programs as determined in appropriations made by the General Assembly."

Unfortunately, it appears like Ohio's public school budget is being cut by an additional $15 million.